New FCA Data Collection Platform (replacing Gabriel)

The FCA will shortly move to a new data collection platform in place of Gabriel.   In preparation for this, all Gabriel users will be asked to complete a mandatory one-time registration activity the first time they log in to Gabriel after 2 April. 

Registering creates an account for the new data collection platform that will link with your Connect account and will require the same login credentials as you use to log in to Connect. 

After registering for the new platform, you can continue to use Gabriel as normal until the FCA move you to the new system.  They will let you know in good time before you are moved to the new system.  As yet there appears to be no indication of when this might happen.


What you’ll need to be able to register
If you don’t yet have a Connect account, you will need to enter some basic contact details. 

If you do have a Connect account, make sure you have your: 

  • Connect username (the email address that you used to register with Connect)
  • Connect password
  • 6-digit Connect passcode (if you have one) 

The Registration process
Go to the Gabriel page in a new tab/window and log in. You will be asked if you are an existing Connect user.

If you are:

  • Select Login
  • Enter your Connect username and password, then select Next
  • Enter 3 digits from your passcode (some users may be asked to create a passcode at this point), then select Next
  • You’ll see a confirmation message – select Ok to complete the process

If you aren’t:

  • Select Register and you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll need to register for Connect
  • Enter your first name, surname, email address, phone number and the response to a security question, then select Submit
  • You’ll see a confirmation message – select Ok
  • You’ll receive an email – follow the link and set up your Connect password and passcode

The process is straightforward and does work as described above – we’ve checked!

However, if you need help,  the FCA has prepared detailed guidance, including screenshots which you can access here.  

Gabriel Users
This is a good time for firms to check their list of Gabriel users and remove any that no longer need access to the system.  Those that will need access to the new data platform should complete the above process so that they will be registered to use it from when the change happens. 

Firm’s user lists will be checked as part of their annual Connect check going forward.

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Our View

Firms should prepare for the new data collection platform so that they are in a position to complete returns when required.

Action Required By You

  • The Principal user should check which individuals are listed as Gabriel users and remove any that are no longer required; 
  • All continuing users should complete the above registration process so that each has their account created for when the new data platform is ready; 
  • Continue to complete your firm’s returns via Gabriel until you are notified by the FCA that the new system is ready; 
  • If you have any further questions about the process contact your ATEB Consultant or contact ATEB here.
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