New Abridged Advice Report Template & PS20/06 Rules for DB Transfer

We completed the latest upgrade to ATEB Suitability on 30th September 2020. This update brings our DB Transfer reports in line with the FCA’s new PS20/06 rules and provides a facility for creating Abridged Advice Reports.

The upgrades are shown below ‘at a glance’ and come at no additional cost:

  • The new mandatory one-page Pension Transfer Summary;
  • Additional Workplace Pension Scheme Options;
  • A new Abridged Advice Report Template;
  • Expanded descriptive text for TVC.

Full details of the upgrades/changes can be found if you scroll down to the tables below.

For more information on PS20/06 please read our sister firm ATEB Consulting’s articles here:

Major Application Enhancements

Change at a glance Location Detail
Addition of new core template to accommodate for Abridged Advice reports. Create a New Report → Select Type: Abridged Advice Report → Start Report The new template provides a framework to assist firms in the production of DB Transfer Abridged Advice reports.

Suitability Report Enhancements

Change at a glance Location Detail
Addition of new mandatory one-page Summary of Advice for DB Transfer Reports Introduction to Advice → Defined Benefit Review – Summary of Advice When providing DB Transfer Full Advice there is now a requirement to include a one-page Summary of Advice in an FCA prescribed format.
Expansion of Transfer Value Comparator & Critical Yield Text Retirement Plans → Existing Defined Benefit Scheme or Other Occupational → Pension Transfer TVC / Pension Transfer Critical Yield The new options and descriptive text are designed to provide a comprehensive explanation of the TVC, CY and Hurdle Rate analysis.
Consideration of the availability of a Workplace Pension Scheme during a Full Advice DB Transfer Report Retirement Plans → Existing Defined Benefit Scheme or Other Occupational → Plan Details → Qualifying DC WPS If a qualifying DC WPS is available to a client the adviser will be prompted for the required justification as to why it is or isn’t a suitable retirement vehicle.  Advisers can also recommend transferring a DB Scheme to a DC WPS.

Please also see our collection of ‘how to’ guides, articles and hints/tips via our FAQs which are available now on our Help & Support Portal.

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