November 2018 Update

We have completed the latest upgrade to ATEB suitability on 5th November 2018.

Details of the update can be found in the tables below, but a key highlight is:

Extended Intelligent Office Integration

The Intelligent Office Integration has been enhanced to now offer more integrated data and the ability to return a document back into an iO client record.

ATEB suitability users can now:

Access iO Plan Data

The number of fields integrated with iO has been expanded and now users can access a client’s plan information as part of a product recommendation.  A full list of supported fields is available here:

Easily Identify Reports Using iO Data

Reports which have been created using iO data can now be identified by an iO logo which is displayed to the left of the report name witihn the ATEB suitability dashboard and on the Reports page.

Return Completed Reports into iO

When a report has been created using iO data and the report is completed, it can be returned directly to the iO client record using the new ‘Upload Document to Intelligent Office’ button displayed to the right of a completed report on the Reports page.

Suitability Report Enhancements

Change at a glance



Changes made to the Client Declaration tab.

Report Builder → Important Information → Client Declaration

Output text will be presented in the report under the heading ‘Client Declaration’.


Following client feedback, we have implemented changes to the Client Declaration tab. Users now have the ability to include the Client Declaration within the main body of the suitability report or as a separate appendix. In addition, both the report date and title will now form part of the declaration in the generated report.

Changes made to the Capacity for Loss section of our Attitude to Investment Risk tab.

Report Builder → Introduction to Advice or Investment Advice / Retirement Advice (Section Builder or Plan Builder) → Attitude to Investment Risk

Output text will be presented in the report under the heading ‘Attitude to Investment Risk’.


A new section ‘Describe Client’s Capacity for Loss Assessment’ has been added to the Attitude to Investment Risk tab, prompting the user to include further details on the Capacity for Loss analysis that has been undertaken for a client.

Product Type – Retirement & Investment

Change at a glance



Weighted Average Charge functionality added to Funds Recommendation tab.

Report Builder → Investment / Retirement Advice (Section Builder or Plan Builder) → Funds Recommendation

Output text will be presented in the report under ‘Funds Recommendation’ and ‘Charges’.

It is now possible to automatically calculate the weighted average fund charge via the Bespoke Funds recommendation table. In addition, for those who have added fund charges to their model portfolios under our Content Management area, the weighted average fund charge for each portfolio will automatically pre-populate within the corresponding table in the generated report.

Product Type – Mortgage

Change at a glance



Updated Stamp Duty & Land Tax glossary terminology.

Report Builder → Appendices → Glossary of Terms

Output text will be presented in the report under the heading ‘Glossary’.

We have updated the Glossary of Terms to cater for the October 2018 Budget changes to Stamp Duty and Land Tax which were effective immediately.

Please also see our collection of ‘how to’ guides, articles and hints/tips via an FAQ which is available now on our Help & Support Portal.

Our support team are available 9am – 5pm / Mon – Fri to answer any further questions you may have / 0191 338 8177.

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Director - Having joined us directly from university, David quickly developed into an indispensable member of the team. As our IT Director he is responsible for ATEB’s technology strategies, security systems and platforms. He has been at the forefront of the development of ATEB Suitability and instrumental in ensuring that the complex regulatory requirements are catered for in an interactive and intuitive fashion. He would be delighted to discuss its capabilities with you in more detail.

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