Online Supervisor’s Training Course

We have developed an online training course to assist T&C supervisors demonstrate competence in their role. The course is set up as a self-study resource, although optional remote support is available to discuss the modules, answer questions and test learning.

There are four separate modules, being:

  • Module 1: Understanding Training & Competence (T&C) Requirements
  • Module 2: Assessment Skills & Knowledge
  • Module 3: Coaching & Training Techniques
  • Module 4: Monitoring Skills & Methodologies.

Each module includes:

  • A video presentation that can be paused and replayed to enhance understanding
  • Supporting reference material
  • A workbook for you to take notes, answer some key questions, complete exercises
  • Knowledge test (module 1 only)
  • CPD certificate.

Each module costs £75 plus VAT.

Optional, remote support is charged separately.

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ATEB Compliance offers compliance and regulatory advice.

ATEB Suitability provides report writing software for the financial services market.

Our View

The FCA Training & Competence rules make it clear that “Firms should ensure that those supervising employees … have the necessary coaching and assessment skills … to act as a competent supervisor and assessor”. As such, all T&C Supervisors should be able to demonstrate competence in the role, by undertaking suitable CPD.

Action Required By You

To purchase the course modules individually, please go to here

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SUIT - Complete Control
SUIT - Comp confidence
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