New Content Integration with 8AM Global

We have some exciting news on the latest upgrade to ATEB Suitability on 14th February 2024. This update comes at no additional cost and provides a new addition to our content integration library.



We have partnered with 8AM Global to provide our customer firms with access to the following:

  • A description of their service
  • A description for each of their portfolio ranges:
    • 8AM AQ MPS 3-8

This functionality can be enabled by a Company Administrator via the Content Integrations screen.

8AM Global Limited is an investment management firm based in Andover, Hampshire, founded in 2006. The team have always been focused on our core values of transparency (with respect to both data and process) and clear communication in all that we do.

The 8AM AQ MPS range utilises two fundamental tenets, efficiency and clarity, to power the strategy. Following a robust and repeatable process focusing on evidence-based metrics to create portfolios that target consistency of outcome to create meaningful incremental gains. The blend of underlying Active and Passive managers is determined via ongoing portfolio optimisation to ensure all positions offer clear, relative value. Whether allocating funds or altering the allocation mix of the portfolios, every process has been designed by the investment team to provide, statistically, the best chance of long term positive returns for investors.

In addition, the range offers financial advisers’ clarity of reporting and rationale to enable the simple explanation of all portfolio positioning in straightforward language. We buy what works, sell what doesn’t and tell our investors why we did it – simple!

Interested in exploring our key features and benefits? Click the link below:

Key-Features and Benefits

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About the Author

Doug has over 14 years experience in the financial services industry and works as a Senior Product Consultant for ATEB Suitability. He provides training and support for our users and also looks after the content of our suitability report templates. He loves to catch up with customers and is always available for a friendly chat.

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