As we have written in previous articles, the FCA has published guidance for firms on how to prepare for BREXIT. They have announced two events in March that we would encourage firms to register for. Here is what the FCA has announced about the planned events.

As part of our preparations for the UK leaving the European Union, we are hosting two events for financial services firms. The purpose of these events is to help the firms we regulate understand how they can prepare for Brexit. 

The events will take place on:

  • 11 March 1400 – Event in London with live webcast
  • 14 March 1400 – Event in Edinburgh with live webcast  

Event details

At each event, Nausicaa Delfas, the FCA’s Executive Director of International, will explain how we have been preparing for Brexit and our expectations of firms. The session will also include a panel Q&A session where attendees can ask questions and discuss any concerns.

Attendees can also submit questions for the event and the webinar in advance as part of registration.

We have committed to ensuring there is as much clarity and continuity as possible. These events will help prepare firms so any disruption to their business is minimised.

Further information on the events can be found on the FCA website here or on social media.


Click here for the registration page.

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